Recruitment is a time consuming and extensive process. With ever growing technologies and varied positions, companies require diverse skill set of resources. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a tactical shift that companies are now adopting to reduce time spent on searching the right candidate and cost on search. RPO is increasingly being considered the most popular solution in the domain of human resources outsourcing (HRO).

Aqurate Solutions RPO services helps to improve the quality of Human Resource functions and relieve in-house HR to focus on HR planning and policies of the companies. The services provided by Aqurate Solutions have been supporting its clients to struggle and survive in this competitive market, by proving the best resources available which leads to the improvement in the performance and efficiency of the clients.

The experienced professionals of Aquratre Solutions understand the needs and requirements of its clients and provide a complete end-to-end solution to supplement the existing workforce in a cost-effective manner. Our RPO solutions and services help our clients to achieve qualified talent at low cost and lesser time.

Aqurate Solutions RPO services helps to:

  • Provide efficient candidate
  • Reduce the un-necessary burden on in-house HR
  • Lower the time spent on search for right candidate
  • Decrease the Costs of hiring
  • Management and reporting of the resources

The RPO services provided by Aqurate Solutions have the capability to enable successful implementation of Recruitment Solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Performance metrics

At Aqurate Solutions, we focus on the performance and governance issues of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Our detailed process brings the transparency into the system and delivers the positive end results. The data captured by our recruitment experts helps them to update the milestones of recruitment.

The job profile states the necessary and desirable criteria for selection of the right candidate. Our recruitment experts prepare the job profile based on the criteria which is necessary for the performance of the job such as:

  • Experience, knowledge, skills and aptitude;
  • Educational qualifications necessary for a particular domain;
  • Other personal qualities such as ability to work in team and managerial skills relevant for the job.

Short listing applicants

Short listing the right candidate is the most responsible job. Our recruitment pundits, knows and understands the requirement of various positions and work to catch the appropriate candidate for our clients. The process of short listing involves trimming down the total number of applications received for a particular domain.


Short listing involves Assessment of the candidates. Various methods are used by Aqurate Solutions to assess candidates. These vary in their reliability as a interpreter of performance in the job and in their ease and expense to administer. Typical methods include:

  • General interview
  • Competency based interview
  • Role play
  • Aptitude Exercise
  • Presentation

Here at Aqurate Solutions we assess the candidates and manage all the documents for every candidate. We ensure the information provided by the candidates to our clients is accurate.

Offers of employment made by Aqurate Solutions is always be made in writing. Contracts and Agreements are prepared by experts of Aqurate Solutions for their clients and candidates shortlisted for them.

Reference check is also done by recruitment pundits of Aqurate Solutions prior to any appointment letter given to the candidate. Our recruitment policy clearly states that references are essential part of recruitment.

Steps taken by Aqurate Solutions for recruitment are rigorous yet beneficial for our clients as it helps them to save their precious time and money in finding the right candidate for their business.

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